Problems Hearing?

Hearing AidWhen the voices and sounds you once took for granted are no longer easy to understand, the world around you can seem darker and more confronting. Sometimes you need assistance to help you stay connected to family, friends and business colleagues. Do you recognise any of these signs of fading hearing?

  • Do people around you seem to be mumbling?
  • Straining to hear others?
  • Trouble hearing someone call from behind?
  • Turning up the volume on the TV or radio?
  • Having problems hearing clearly on the telephone?
  • Trouble hearing in noisy environments?
  • Limiting your social activities due to difficulty hearing and communicating?
  • Do family, friends, or colleagues say that they often have to repeat themselves?

Premier Hearing Can Help – Private Clients, Veterans & Pensioners

If you need a Hearing Aid, you will get to choose from the very best technology to solve your hearing problems. We will help you stay connected with family and friends. Life will soon seem brighter and fulfilling because you’re not just hearing better, you’re understanding more. We address hearing problems for both private clients and government subsidised clients. We are accredited by the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services to service eligible veterans and pensioners. At Premier Hearing we offer the following services:

  • Free hearing screening

  • Free hearing assessments for Pensioner and Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients eligible under OHS Government Scheme

  • Diagnostic hearing tests

  • Industrial deafness assessment; Employment and Pre-Employment tests

  • Hearing aid consultations and rehabilitation with fitting of the latest fully digital hearing aids. We have access to a wide range of hearing aid brands and can fit according to our client's individual needs

  • Dual Connect Hearing Aid
  • Maintenance and repairs to all brands of hearing aids

  • Hearing aid batteries, cleaning tools, and dry aid kits

  • Ear moulds

  • Custom made:
    • Swimmers' ear plugs
    • Musicians' ear plugs
    • Noise Protection ear plugs
    • Communication, iPod, or walkman earpieces

  • Assistive listening devices including:
    • TV/communication infrared systems
    • FM systems
    • Bluetooth hearing aid to phone link technology